Tuesday, February 12, 2008

If music be the food of...

Jeaux Janovsky had spotted a Smiths lyric I used as a post title (by the way, Jeaux, I visited your blog and I have to say I absolutely love your work).
I can't imagine it's good for people with depression to listen to the Smiths but I'm interested in just how much music affects my mood. Or is it that I choose to listen to music because of the mood I'm in? Like chicken and egg?

Well, no. Because there's an easy answer to that one - the egg.

I have what could be considered eclectic taste in music. There's barely a genre I haven't got something of. Mostly, it's because I love music and every time I find a new type, or style I missed, I get really into it. Then I move on to the next thing I discover, but never stop loving what I collected along the way. So I have a lot of music. If music be the food of anything, I'm like one of those huge fat people who have to have a crane lift them out of their house to get that stomach stapling operation and die of a heart attack two days later.

Some days, I have to have metal to get me going in the morning. Other days, I'm listening to chilled girly music like Imogen Heap. Some rare days, I listen to old hillbilly stuff. Then Ghostface... and so on.
But I listen to the Smiths a lot. Indulgent teenage crap? Yeah probably. In its day. But, man, I just love it.

Maybe I should do an experiment where I choose what I listen to in advance and see if it has a noticable effect on my mood. By the way, that lyric above isn't a Smiths song but it's one of the most depression tracks I know.
Speaking of food/love and whatever, Valentine's Day is coming up in a couple of days. You wouldn't believe how much I hate Valentine's Day.


Jeaux Janovsky said...

Pink Floyd eh? Nice. i love the ghostface killah reference too! my music taste varies a whole bunch too.
one minute it's nick drake, the next it's the magnetic fields, and then all of a sudden it's the rainbow connection by Jim Henson. How I love ipod shuffle. my ipod is the best dj i know!
thanks for the mention on your blog too! to keep with the musicness theme: You Rock Bitter!
variety is the spice of life, so they say. We seem to be extra spicy.

Bitter Animator said...

Some nice choices there, Jeaux. Spicy indeed!