Saturday, September 27, 2008

Every boy needs a pet

A little Andy for the weekend.

I seem to have lost the knack of sleeping again. There's a trick to it - the whole falling asleep thing and then the staying asleep. It's not an easy trick and I've forgotten it.

That's not good.

I wish Dr.Phil lived with me. Not to sort the sleep thing out. Just in general. He seems like a nice guy.


Humphrey Erm said...

Have you considered making little flash animations with Astro Andy? Just some short 30 second clips or less even where he meets some untimely demise. You could narrate it yourself like a picture book and portray it as such but with a grim end.

Hope you remember how to sleep. Its awful when you cant sleep enough. I'm a post graduate living at home with no job, so I get plenty of sleep.

Dr Phil could be fun to have around, but I think just when you hit a real breakthrough he would stop everything because its time for a commercial break.

Wow, I just wrote a comment that was longer than the post!

Irreligious said...



does it play dead? roll?

David said...

I'm a Flash animator. I found your blog last week and have been reading through it, constantly getting shooting pains in my head as I see you complain about the same shit I've been complaining about.


Thank you for posting.

I'm frantically trying to get a pilot ready for MIPCOM and not sleeping well either. I've been told to avoid staring at a bright computer screen right before bed. I know, not always avoidable. But if this is you, maybe restructure your time so you can spend the period before sleep NOT doing this.

I haven't managed it yet.