Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weekend Andy

Poor little Andy...

I missed my double helping of Ally McBeal last night. Instead, I was watching Casino Royale. I had heard it was great but the violent flashbacks I kept getting from the previous piece of crap, Die Another Day, had prevented me from watching it.

Well, Casino Royale was certainly much better. But it was a rambling movie with no actual bad guy and a lot of wasted potential - we had a whole table of players and never got to know any of them. So, yes, it was better than Die Another Day but better than two episodes of Ally McBeal? I'm not convinced.

And now I have a two episode void in my life.

I got bitten by some insect a couple of nights ago and my leg is really itchy. At least, I think it was an insect. It could have been some sort of small marsupial.


Toole said...

I've seen diamonds cut through harder men.

Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir, I watched the old comedy one with Orson Welles years ago and it was pretty bad.

I remember hearing a .mp3 version of an old Stan Freberg parody of the books called Goldnoodle, but I can't seem to find it. I did find this and it was good enough:

Last post you mentioned El Tigre, a parody luchador but the real ones are even better! Take the great El Santo:

Genevieve said...

On a totally unrelated topic, do you know that your blog is being plagiarized? I found my blog being re-posted there as I write it, and I am trying to let the other victims know as well. If you are not familiar with the method of filing a DMCA complaint to get your stuff removed, please e-mail me at the address in my profile. Please feel free to delete this comment from your blog. I didn't see an e-mail address to write to you privately.

Best wishes,