Monday, September 1, 2008

Well I got checked out

Actually, he thinks it's more a musculo-skeletal problem, or is that muscular-skeletal? I don't know. One or the other. From the positioning of the pain and the fact that it's not associated with strenuous activity or something, he reckons it's likely to do with the muscle wall around the rib cage.

Being out of breath, well, I'm getting old.

Having checked my blood pressure, listened to my heart and lungs and taken into account lack of other factors like smoking, he reckons I'm not about to drop dead and unless things got worse he won't bother sending me for a hundred million tests, which is nice.

My cholesterol is a little high though, but I knew that. I must go into that whole cholesterol/diet myth at some point.

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Andy Latham said...

I went to my doctor on friday with an infection and he spent the whole session asking me how to play Lego Star Wars! Now there's your taxes being put to good use!