Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grey Dreams

I'm still getting those chest pains. I think I may have had a mild heart attack yesterday. It wasn't pleasant. I can't help feeling the reassurance that I'm too young or not fat enough or don't smoke or drink heavily won't actually prevent cardiac arrest. Diagnosis by statistics alone doesn't seem quite right to me. If I die in the next day or two, I want my headstone to read, "I told you I was having a heart attack".

I wonder if it's stress-related?

I was playing SimCity Creator on the DS on the bus this morning. My city was hit with an earthquake. 79 buildings destroyed. Just as I managed to rebuild the last one, another hit and I lost 72 more. That was a waste of a bus trip. But it seemed quite fitting for some reason.

I wonder just who is making the most money out of this whole bank crash malarky? You want a sound investment? Go to the bookies and put a large sum of money on this crash turning out to be completely orchestrated. It's a long-term investment of course but one I think will pay off nicely.


Anonymous said...

What do I win now that I'm outting the reference upon which you are building your "I told you I was having a heart attack" epitaph?

I mean, if you're paying royalties to the Spike Milligan Estate anyway...

Toole said...

This sort of crashing is a systemic flaw in the financial system of the modern world which is a hedge against the future, loaning money that does not currently exist and betting the economy will grow by the time it needs to be paid back, creating this physically unsustainable need for exponential growth in a finite world. The longer before the crash, the harder it falls. If governments bail it out, it prolongs that hard crash unless there is some conscious reform of the insane immoral fractional reserve system we have.

Red Pill Junkie said...

An anxiety attack resembles a lot to a true cardiac arrest.

If your arm doesn't hurt, you're on the clear.

I sometimes had these chest pains too, went with a cardiologists and he send me to make all these lab tests; I couldn't afford those so I forgot about it, and I've been fine ever since.

If you can't afford to be sick, then don't.

Jeaux Janovsky said...

i'm willing to believe it's stress related.

this whole world just keeps inducing, inducing, inducing. this society makes my head hurt.

I hope you feel better. Fresh air is good.

just keep drawing, doodling, dreaming. that's what makes me happiest...