Friday, September 26, 2008

He's the Box Assassin!

I know I've mentioned this before on the blog but I'm a huge fan of Jeaux Janovsky's work. I think the first thing that hooked me was simply the name of his previous blog - all my heroes have day jobs. I loved that sentiment.

There's something in his work that I can't quite put my finger on. It's different to so much other stuff out there that would fall under the same heading - quirky. I like it.

Well, Jeaux was kind enough to sort me out with a copy of his original Box Assassin Hitman mini-comic and his stunning debut in Giant Robot magazine. Me plugging something is going to be a bloody rare sight on this blog but, well, this is just too good not to mention.

I think I got a copy of Giant Robot quite some time ago, probably in Boston or New York. I can't quite remember it. The thing about Giant Robot is that, for me, it's a reminder of just how culturally limited things are here. One thing I love about the US is the cultural mix. There are differing cultures everywhere, and here where I am too. But they aren't mixed. And that's quite a big difference.

Giant Robot is a wonderful magazine that highlights Asian pop culture. Or Asian-American I guess, to be more specific. For me, my exposure to that amounts to admiring pretty girls and buying a Japanese copy of Street Fighter 3 for the Dreamcast in a store in Boston. So flicking through this magazine is lovely. It's like another world to my grey nothingness over here. And the standard of illustration work in here is high. Really high.

So it's a testament to Jeaux's work that it sits in this issue like it has always been here and was always meant to be here. It's a great little strip about a box, who is a hitman assassin, and it's vibrant and energetic. It could exist as just images alone, and isn't that the sign of a great cartoon?

I'm a fan. And, if you can, you should check it out too in Giant Robot #55. At the very least, take a stroll over to Jeaux's blog and check out the Hitman image by scrolling down the page a bit.

Thanks, Jeaux. You deserve the success that will come your way and I wish you all the best with the Hitman. He's my new best buddy!

Man, I hope Jeaux doesn't sue the ass off me for using his character in my doodle. I have no money! You can't get blood from a stone, and all that...


Humphrey Erm said...

Intriguing. I took a look at his blog and saw the image of that box assassin character. He looks pretty fun, though I have yet to see any other images of him, or rather, an actual comic page of the character. Not sure where I can get a copy of Giant Robot, but I'll see where I can find one. First stop Amazon, then ebay, and if not by then, store hunting!

Anonymous said...

I loved the link to Rob Schrab's intro to "drawless animation" via Jeaux's blog - I wish I had half the patience necessary to do any of that making "junk" into animated puppets, but gotta start somewhere.

Bitter Animator said...

Yeah the drawless animation thing is great. This making stuff one frame at a time stuff is for total suckers.