Thursday, September 25, 2008

All switch!

That is, of course, unless the studio pays to upgrade everything all at once. Which would be the most logical solution, though not the most cost-effective.

Adobe seem to upgrade their products all the time and there have been about 400 Flash upgrades since they took over that. Our production has been expanding as it turned out to be bigger than the producers thought. That means more animators, more compositors and more programmes. And it seems each time a new station gets put in place, Adobe has upgraded their software.

Not with anything we'll actually use.

But upgraded regardless. Meaning, unless upgrades are bought for the entire studio, people end up uncompatible. Or incompatible. Or, worse, both. Saving to an earlier version seems to be something Adobe have now removed too.

It's not just Flash. There are a couple of guys on Premiere and they ended up having to upgrade and the only difference that mattered to them is that the newer versions hog RAM for no apparent reason. They aren't doing anything differently and yet the programmes do not run as well as they once did due to the memory requirements. A pointless and counter-productive upgrade for the studio.

At least my old, old Flash lets me save to old, old, old Flash. That's a bonus, right?


Toole said...

They're adding in kinematic bones to the new new Flash. Without serious vector point interpolation it's going to be totally useless for animation, but if they actually put in the serious 3D package style control of 2 dimensional vector points and interpolation, you could do stuff like that French obviously computer interpolated looking Egypt movie in Flash. The program they used for the Egypt movie is degrees of magnitude more unusable and badly interfaced than Flash.

Whether or not you want to animate a weirdly pseudo 3 dimensional looking, computer interpolated looking sort of thing is another matter.

Humphrey Erm said...

I hear you. When I upgraded to Flash MX from Flash 5 I couldn't open any of the old files. Really sucked, but what is a mortal man to do?

Ron said...

The new new Flash hard.