Friday, December 5, 2008

In negotiations


Red Pill Junkie said...

When I was in school I was told that nothing was more important than studying and getting good grades to have a successful career. And teachers used to tell me I was very fortunate because getting nothing but 'A's on my grades was relatively easy for me. I was the 3rd best student of my high-school class.

Later, when I entered the 'real' world, the rules of the game changed. Suddenly, everybody was telling me that the REAL secret for success was not regular intelligence, but Emotional intelligence. That even if you were a genius and very proficient in your work, if you didn't have 'people's skills' you would always be below those assholes that cheated on their tests but were the heart of every party, and in college instead of studying they were making social contacts that would make climbing the ladder easier for them.

If only I could find a partner who could be charming and have good teeth! He would be in charge of dealing with the annoying customers while I would have the freedom of focusing on the creative part of the job. Problem is, I'm sure that eventually he would get the credit for MY work :(

Martin Gamache said...

Just discovered your blog. You're a genious! BTW, if I want to post some of your pictures on my blog (with appropriate links), can I do so, or would you prefer that I simply post links?

Regards from Canada

Bitter Animator said...

Sure, post some of the pics if you like. Glad you like the blog!