Friday, December 12, 2008

Me, that's who.

Or at least, this was how it was supposed to play out. But the truth it, I left myself unprotected. Vulnerable. And now I have contracted some hideous disease from my co-workers/plague rats.

I'm dyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiing.

Is it me or is the common cold a hell of a lot more common? Is that just here where I am? I get several colds a year. I figured that's because I'm getting older but it's not just me. It's everyone. All through the year, people around the studio have colds. I can't think of the last time there wasn't at least one person snivelling through their day.

In ten years time, will everyone have colds all year round? Will it be our default state of being? Are there scientists working to cure the cold or is it more likely that there are scientists being paid large sums of money to make sure that our colds get worse and far more frequent?

Paranoia? Well, how much do you think the cold/flu remedy business is worth, with their Lemsips and Panadols and decongestants and all? It's like the computer virus protection business. It can only function if there are viruses out there. And the business can only grow if the viruses get more frequent and more dangerous.

And it's worth a bloody fortune to a lot of people.

But this thing I've got now... this isn't just a cold. It's an attack. The beginning of a war. I'll be lucky to survive. This could be the start of something like that film Outbreak, only I'm the monkey. Or someone in the studio is. There's definitely a monkey involved.


Red Pill Junkie said...

I think it was last year when I had a serious case of a cold. And by 'serious' I mean having a runny nose and nasty-looking buggers for 3-4 days. And that's it.

The therapeutical properties of Tequila are grossly underestimated, amigos ;-)

BTW, today Mexico celebrates the Virgin of Guadalupe—Mexicans are not really 'Catholic', they are Guadalupans— and it is the official start of the Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon: a lovely tradition which consists of ingesting large quantities of spirited drinks from Dec. 12th to January 6th (the day of the Epiphany); there's plenty of parties that serve as the perfect excuse for this.

Salud! ;-)

Anne-arky said...

Also, a lot of artists come to work sick and contagious, simply because they have crazy deadlines to meet. CRAZY.

Bitter Animator said...

Unfortunately the mere mention of the word 'tequila' sets off my gag reflex. I had a bad night once that began with tequila and haven't been able to drink it since.

Enjoy your spirit marathon!

Yes, infected animators trying to meet deadlines is pretty much how I got this dose. I'll be lucky if I make it through the night.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Oh yes, night-time Tequila drinking is not for the uniniciated.

And you probably did it with those stupid drinking games, am I right?

Tequila is best before a good meal, as an appetizer. And it should always be drank without mixing it. If it's good Tequila, that is ;-)

this remids me of an anecdote my dad uses to tell, about a friend of his whose wife asked him to prepare for her a Cuba Libre, the favorite drink of this man. Sure enough, the man complies and serves the drink to his wife, who tastes it.

—"Yuck!, this tastes terrible! I don't understand how do you like it so much."

—"What did you expect, bitch?!" Replied the amused husband, "It takes YEARS of practice!"

Give Tequila a second chance, Bitter. Lord knows we need the money over here :-P

Bitter Animator said...

Well if the Mexican economy depends on it, I guess I have no other choice. It would be rude not to.