Thursday, December 18, 2008

Still hanging in there

Yeah... it feels like that sometimes.

When I was off earlier in the week, I noticed while stuck in front of old episodes of MASH that funny things seemed much funnier. And sad things more sad. It was like the illness had stripped away part of my emotional defenses.

MASH really is one of the best shows ever made. Even the ones that weren't as good as the earlier ones were still really great in their own way. A truly great show.


susan said...

Mash is on of the few shows on TV that has never jumped the shark- according to

My father can watch it for hours too.

Feel better.

Toole said...

Suicide is painless.

Martin Gamache said...


And I thought I was depressed...

@Bitter animator
Take care. All bad things come to pass.

Red Pill Junkie said...

...Nah, MASH never meant anything to me.

My dad's favorite old programs were 'Combat', and 'The Untouchables'.

Oh, he's still around! He just likes to watch a lot of History Channel and Discovery Planet nowadays ;-)

Bitter Animator said...

Jeez guys, I'm not a pensioner. It started airing before I was born. You make it sound like I watched it after I came back from WW2.

Still a damn good show, even if it does age me.

Harriet said...

I was 12 when it started. Does that make me a pensioner? Alan Alda always annoyed me for some reason, but I thought the last episode was amazing.