Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This is the best thing I'm capable of right now. I have been cursed with the ultimate lurgy. I believe it may be sweating sickness. Or some sort of rather large animal flu. I've got a full-on chest infection and, even after several days, have a fever.
I'm ill.

It does think the studio's policy of encouraging people to come in when they're sick needs revisiting. Staying healthy in there is like trying to... well, it's like... something to do with a leper colony. I don't even have the energy to string a decent sentence together.

My apologies. There was something I meant to post this week too. In my head, it was important. At least it was last week when I thought of it.

I haven't done any Christmas shopping either. I'm so screwed.


Andreas Schuster said...

i bought EVERY thoughtful present from from amazon.
no need to step out of the house thx to the power of online shopping!

hope you get well soon

Toole said...

Here we tend to say of coming in to work sick, "Don't be a hero". But most people are 'heroic' and so the entire office gets heroic.

susan said...

Feel better. Being sick stinks.

We will continue to read even if you don't post for a day or so.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Get well, mate.

I haven't done any shopping either. Andreas, I trusted Amazon last year, but no more. Not after the god damned books I bought for my nephews arrived two weeks AFTER Xmas. Amazon always makes me feel like a 2nd-rate costumer, even though I pay more than the costumers living in the US :-(

Harriet said...

Christmas Shopping? Oh crap, is it that time of year already?