Thursday, August 14, 2008

At the bus stop

I saw this this morning and it amused me - a soldier getting the bus. When the bus arrived, I had to check to make sure it wasn't going to Iran or somewhere. I'm sure it would have been a fun trip for some but I'd get a little uncomfortable when they got into, well, the stuff that soldiers are known to do when they go places.

You'd think they'd provide transport for these lads.

Perhaps he wasn't really in the army at all and was just camoflaged because that's his thing, his look. There was a bush behind him actually. Maybe he thought we wouldn't see him. Like a ninja or something. Maybe he stocked up on fatigues during the Millennium Bug fiasco, thinking he'd need to defend his turf in the post-apocalyptic hell, and he thought he better get some wear out of them.

Speaking of which, I knew a guy whose brother spent ten grand on a wind generator because he thought the Millennium Bug would shut down all the power stations. He thought he was being really clever. What a tit.

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