Saturday, August 23, 2008

Breaking from the dregs

Instead of me scraping the barrell for unposted rubbish, you get this doodled piece of crap instead.

I got more spam in the comments this morning. Poxy spam. If there's an afterlife, I hope there is a special hell for spammers.

In other news, I got a URL. Yep. If you go to, it should bring you here. Why? I'm not altogether sure but I went and did it anyway. Nothing's actually going to change here. But... I felt the need. Is that weird? It probably comes with the realisation that in about a month's time, I'll have been blogging for a year.

Man, I'm tired today. A totally unproductive Saturday.


Jeaux Janovsky said...

how weird! Like rod Serling patented weird. just today,I was looking into doing the same for DDC! Let me know yr process... as I am not technically saavy at all. I am gonna try for godaddy or hostgator, anything after I'm as lost as hurley (from lost)
take care and thanks for the link! I will for sure return the favor my friend.

Andy Latham said...

Yeah I wouldn't mind knowing how you did the URL thing too!

Dr. Jay SW said...

This is my first visit to your blog--and so the first of your cartoons I've seen...and I wouldn't call it a "doodled piece of crap" at all--especially since, if I did, I have to come up with different words for 90% of what I read on the comics page this morning (can you believe they're still running the Family Circus?)....

Bitter Animator said...

Thanks Dr.Jay. I think we're spared from Family Circus over here though I have seen some online.

On the URL thing, I used Network Solutions, though have heard Godaddy is good. I bought the domain name through them and then there was an option to forward the domain, and I just pointed it to the blogspot address.

I'm sure Godaddy and the others offer the same service (and possibly cheaper) and no technical knowledge is required whatsoever! Everything is exactly the same for me - I do it all through Blogger, but the web domain address points to the plain ol' blog address.

Andy Latham said...

Ahh, cool! Now the question is whether or not to pay for a second URL for my blog!