Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Weekend Dregs: My elbows

Seeing as I offloaded an old unused image yesterday, I thought I'd see what else I had sitting in the drafts section. I think very few people read blogs at the weekend so I hope those few won't mind me using a weekend post to show you some of the dregs of my blog. Scraping the bottom of a very shallow barrel.

I hadn't written anything to go with this image but it's clearly about my elbows. I have to moisturise my left elbow because just brushing past someone could take their face clean off. It's that dangerous.

I remember reading that, in ancient Japan, would-be Ninjas would sit at computers for hours on end to turn their elbows into deadly weapons. Of course, this tactic became common knowledge and could be easily countered by attacking a Ninja on his right side. And that is how the left-handed Ninja became the most feared of all assassins. True story.


Anonymous said...

Do people grate Swiss cheese?

Okay, it doesn't take a genius to know I'm being facetious. It's just strange to me that the world is so unimaginative that the only way for people to know that something in a cartoon is cheese, it has to be Swiss.

Or possibly Edam... but not in a b&w picture.

Bitter Animator said...

How else would people know it was cheese?

Anonymous said...

Well, you used the word "cheese" and mentioned "grating"... so one would assume it was cheese in your hand regardless of how you drew it, unless of course, you drew a tricycle.