Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That pounding

I will get these chest pains checked out soon. They're not good. But, yeah, it doesn't help to see what they're doing to the Cluedo board (that's what we call the board game Clue - not sure why they added the 'do'). Should I care? Probably not. It's been about fifteen years since I last played the game.

Maybe it's that, as I get older, I feel the earlier parts of my life slip away into unexistence (is that a word?). Before long, everything that was normal to me will be gone and I'll be redundant and the next to go. Unless this heart attack kills me a lot sooner, that is.

But Russell Crowe playing Bill Hicks in a movie? Now that is heart attack inducing stuff. Poxy pain in the ass, slighty-twisted-face Russell Crowe? Playing the late great should-have-been-a-messiah Bill Hicks? That's just wrong. It's just wrong.

Russell Crowe never should have made it past that awful futuristic film he was in with Denzel Washington.

I'm not usually one for YouTube linkage but this calls for a Bill Hicks clip. It's not a funny clip, there are plenty of those all over. No, this one is a message - a message of hope. He always came across as angry and pissed off at the world but it seems to me that was only because he believed we were capable of so much. He was hope.

Not Bob Hope, of course.


Anonymous said...

The Bill Hicks biopic was discussed amongst friends last week, the things we agreed on were it didn't matter if Russell Crowe played Bill, nobody could touch Bill so nobody would be satisfied by his being portrayal by any actor, and it was more a case of why are they attempting to touch the Bill Hicks story? Everything anybody needs to know about Bill can be found by listening to his records and it's not like he sees any proceeds from a movie being made.

How about this for outrageous? an MTV helmed remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show with NEW songs.

As if RHPS wasn't already cookie-cutter perversion as it currently stands.

Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sirs, A Rocky Horror Picture Show remake has you down? That's nothing!

Remember Friday The13th The Series? Or Delta House, the Animal House series? Or any of the Fargo, Shane, The Thin Man or The Third Man TV Serieses? What about Casablanca: The Series?

I have to disagree with both of you about The film about Mr. Hicks as well. I don't know if Russell Crowe is the right actor (having never seen any of his movies), but I think that the idea that Hicks's life and work shouldn't be fictionalized smacks of possessiveness.

At the very least, it will increase the number of people who hear Mr. Hicks's work, and if Hollywood is going to spit out another movie, nobody's going to stop them. I never knew who Andy Kaufmann was (other than the guy from Taxi) before Man In The Moon. The worst thing that this movie could do is help his messages get heard.

Bitter Animator said...

Oh, I'm not saying they shouldn't make a Bill Hicks movie. I'm saying it shouldn't be poxy Russell Crowe. I've read two Hicks biographies (maybe there are only two?) and I think there's movie material there and, as you say Mr.T, it will help introduce more people to Hicks.

I'd like to see them use real Hicks footage though, a little like that Harvey Pekar film when they mixed in genuine Letterman stuff.

Anonymous said...

At worst, the Hicks biopic will end up like WIRED (the John Belushi biopic) where the best bits will be the reenacted performances, but the meat of what fuelled his fire and the building blocks of his personality will be passed over in order to show how his life "was ruined by drugs and alcohol" as some sort of lesson for those who may follow suit.

Worse yet, Russell Crowe may pull out and they'll get Denis Leary to play Bill instead - like he did on his record 'No Cure For Cancer'.

Bitter Animator said...

There would be something rather hilarious about Denis Leary playing Bill Hicks in a 'drugs are bad' tale filled with product placement and featuring tracks from whatever the latest boy band is.

Actually that wouldn't be funny at all. It would just confirm that the world is now even worse than it was when he was around.

Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir, In response to your question:

In the opening credits of Dawn of the Dead, original music is credited to "The Goblins with Dario Argento".

If I recall correctly (I have half the week off ending today, so I'm watching the movie now) Dario is the only person credited in the end credits. I have no idea what kind of contract they had.


This video has the main theme for the original film, but the pictures are from the remake.

Stock music doesn't start getting played until they get to the Monroeville Mall (which was one of the first large malls in America), where they pulled from the Muzak Holdings library.


Now that's real horror movie music!

Now about this Bill Hicks movie, where are you hearing about this? IMdB has nothing, which means that the casting is probably still speculative.

Bitter Animator said...

That's odd about Dawn of the Dead. I have the Goblin soundtrack release and I don't even remember a mention of Argento. If he is mentioned, it's in tiny print somewhere with Goblin taking all the credit. I'll have to try to dig that out.

I wonder if he was just hanging out with them telling them what to play.

Which cut of the film are you watching? As far as I remember the music varies a lot from cut to cut. I have that dvd set with loads of cuts but they've all melded into one in my memory (which is notoriously poor).

As for Bill Hicks, I read it on AICN, which quotes a story from the Sydney Morning Herald which, in turn, quotes Crowe - http://www.aintitcool.com/node/38077

Sounds like very early stages at best (or worst depending on your view).

Mr. Trombley said...

I am watching director George Romero's cut, the one that saw American theatrical release, but I have a big boxed set that has every existing cut of the movie.

Producer Dino DeLaurentiis's cut, the European release (also known as Zombi), was much more action oriented and less cerebral/satirical. From the Wikipedia pages, it looks like that what Dario did was pay for everything. Not write anything.

The album you have is used in it's entirety on the DeLaurentiis cut, but mixed with the Muzak library on the Romero to help with the satire. There isn't nearly as much Muzak as I remembered, maybe three sequences in the whole film.

Most importantly, the version I'm watching is the one with Herbert Chappell's composition "The Gonk".

Bitter Animator said...

The plain ol' US theatrical cut that you watched was my favourite if my memory serves me correctly, even though I'm a fan of the extra Goblin music in the European cut.

There is an album of the non-Goblin library incidental music used in the film that has a total of 14 tracks but I never got it so know very little about the library stuff. Wikipedia reckons that there were over 60 library cues used in the movie - most of them must have been tiny. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dawn_of_the_Dead_(soundtracks)#Dawn_of_the_Dead:_The_Unreleased_Incidental_Music

I always meant to get that cd. Meybe this conversation will finally prompt me to order it, if it's still available.