Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do I have to?

I'm just not a people person. I know that. Call it a fault if you will but forcing me together with a bunch of people isn't going to change that. It's not a 'face your fears' sort of thing. Well maybe it is but if I was afraid of spiders and you threw me into a pit of the things it would only serve to make me more afraid of them. Substitute contempt for fear and people for spiders and it's the same idea.

We've been working on Mr.Hat for ages now. If I didn't get on with the people here by now, I never would. But, as it happens, the people here are a rather good bunch. All the more reason to not get any ideas about forcing us to have 'fun' together - something that could tear apart the good work that all those months of distant polite civility has done.

Oh, and here's the icing on the cake - the place we'll end up is right where the boss lives. And miles away from anyone, or anywhere, else. So I'm just going to be thinking of the godawful hour and a half journey home. That's assuming it's not some Hills Have Eyes thing in the ass end of nowhere.

That's all the fun I can stand.

On a totally unrelated topic, Toonhound (one of my favourite sites as it deals with UK classics, loads of which you USers have totally missed out on and, while your cartoons were going down the toilet in the 70s, some absolute golden crazily creative classics were being made in the UK) reports that Bob the Builder is going CG. Read their article here.

Now I'm not a huge fan of Bob the Builder, it's mostly because I think the theme song is pure evil and I'm pretty sure it plays a message from Satan if played backwards. But the stop motion is lovely. It's tangible. Real. It just draws you into it. Will they get that in CG? Seeing as I reckon the number one reason to switch would be that they are trying to be cheap, I would guess not.


Irreligious said...


what's your problem with spiders?

I like spiders

they have lots of eyesss and legss and they eat bugs

i like'em!

Toole said...

I don't see how they can make you come to something like that. Are you on a contract, and one that obligates this sort of thing?

Bitter Animator said...

No, they couldn't actually force me to go. It's more that it would be seen as bad form, especially given that I'm seen as the senior member of the team (as in, I've been here longest, not that I'm a senior citizen).