Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who really cares?

On some projects it's just difficult to stay motivated. And animation is such a ridiculously long process that keeping up any pretense of motivation is simply impossible. I mean, what gobshite thought it was a good idea to make film a frame at a time?

One frame at a time?!

He'd be laughed out of the Dragon's Den with that one. Craziest idea ever. One frame at a time. It's nuts.

So it takes years to make a television show or movie or whatever. No way anyone is going to keep up enthusiasm for that length of time unless it is your own project that you have dreamt about making for years. And that rarely happens. Mostly, we're just hired to do a job. Get the job done, get paid. You can try to do your absolute best work and that's great but some jobs will inspire you less than others.

And you just can't give 100% the whole time without burning out (and don't get me started on the idiots who use the 'giving 110%' phrase).

So, sometimes, just getting something finished to a satisfactory level is okay.

Really though - one frame at a time? Completely ridiculous. I think I'll do something with puppets. At least then I can shoot in real time.

Anyone know anything about making puppets?

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