Monday, June 23, 2008

Like flies to shit

So I went to this company day of fun last week and, well, it wasn't so bad at all. The people here at the moment are a fairly balanced bunch. That is very unusual for animation. Usually, there's a few loons, the 'I'm so wacky and funny' types and someone who I'd put money on being a serial killer.

Yeah, the animation business seems to attract far more than its fair share of crazies. And they, in turn, are attracted to my desk. No idea why.

Actually, there seems to be a huge amount of people with extreme religious views in animation. They branch out in all directions but the one common thing among them is that they are all convinced they are right. Not all religious - some are extremely anti-religious and then others are part of these sort of 'self help' cults that are religions for tax purposes only. I find if a group of people call each other 'wizards', it's best to steer clear.

Then others just come from different cultures I guess, like the guy who told me I'd be killed for my shoes. They weren't even good shoes. We weren't even having a conversation. He just hovered at my desk for a bit, told me I'd be killed and then walked off. I don't even know where 'his' country is.


Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir, I once (in college) got chewed out for a misogynistic rant someone with the same first name gave. Everybody ended up looking bad: there were obviously still people who thought I was a cranky misogynist and the girl looked like an annoying busy body.

Maybe a similar thing happened here.

Mr. Trombley said...

PS I suppose the girl was an annoying busybody, but it turned out she was one for no reason which is worse.