Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Design flaws

I'm working on a Dell computer that's probably about three years old. They may have changed since then but this one is just so utterly shit. It's like it was designed by someone who never intends to use a computer in their entire life. The front has two USB ports under a flap at the front, at an angle, facing down. Oh, and they're backwards.

Makes no sense.

Thing is, it sounds small, but when you're working with this design flaw every day it just has a way of getting under the skin. What a piece of crap. Mr.Dell, you may go and shite.


Andy Latham said...

I have used many Dell computers over the years, and they have all been, without exception, utter crud.

And yes, the USB ports have annoyed me no end too.

I have an HP pc at home and it is so well designed that I wonder why Dell still make crap ones. I guess that's why Dell are cheap - they employ monkeys to design things.

Toole said...

I think I've noticed that port thing with Dells too.