Saturday, June 14, 2008


And, due to a design flaw, the jackhammer sometimes punctures the bags in the vacuum cleaners and the console dies and you get the Red Ring of Death. So my console died, I called Microsoft and they sent it back to me alive and well.

Is there a number I can call to do the same with my dog?

The Irish booted out the European treaty thingy, which was nice. Good to see they have at least a pretence of a democracy, even if it usually amounts to voting for who will get hauled up in a tribunal in 10 years. Well I thank the Irish for standing up for the rest of Europe, who weren't given the chance. Though you know it will get pushed through anyway, right? Whether you like it or not. They'll slap a different name on it or whatever and, sooner or later, your country will just be a state ruled by some guy you didn't vote for and can't understand. Unless you live in the UK, as they'll probably reject the whole thing and join up as the 51st state of the US. Yeah, fun times ahead. Fun times indeed.

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Irreligious said...

Funny you should say this

the treaty would give more powers to the only organ that is democratically elected in the EU (the parliament)

and everyone complains it would bring less democracy :P