Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's easy if you try

Ever get sales calls at home? I get sales calls. Usually from India. I think the entire continent of India (is India a continent?) must be made up of call centres. Anyway, those calls piss me off no end. They bother me at home to sell me their shit. That's all they want - to get in my face to push crap on me.

That is all advertising.

Billboards everywhere. Getting in my face to push crap on me. Ad breaks every few minutes on television. Getting in my face to push crap on me. Banner ads all over the goddam internet. Getting in my face to push crap on me. In fact, I think there are very few places in this country I could go and not have ads getting in my face to push crap on me.

I don't get why most people tolerate it. I mean, does that Indian guy who calls you up and asks you how much you paid on your last bill not make you want to throttle him? Why is it any different for other forms of salesmen? And that's all people in advertising are - salesmen. It's rather hilarious that some see themselves as creators. Some even think they are filmmakers. The egos in the ad business are huge. And for what?

They're no different to those guys calling my house. They're salesmen. Trying to hawk shit. That's all they are. That's all they deserve to be.

I wonder if that guy sitting on the phone in India has a huge ego?

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growingupartists said...

The thing you're not mentioning about Indians, is they love a good haggle.