Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blogger hates red

See? Blogger really doesn't like red. It's compressed the ass out of it and added this weird fleck pattern. Nasty. It's supposed to look more like this.

I did this image back when I made this post here, but the one I ended up posting was better. Still, I kind of like something about it. Maybe it's the Spambot shirt. And maybe it's just the 'seeing red' idea. I don't know. Blogger may hate red but it seems to come naturally to me these days.

It didn't always. I used to be far more laid back. Is that just part of getting older?

I'm currently playing Lego Batman and still hoping the banks collapse just for the sheer hell of it. I'm quite enjoying both.

1 comment:

Andy Latham said...

A complete bank collapse would certainly make things....interesting!

Actually imagine if there was a catastrophic failure of the whole money system. We'd all be equal! You know, I heard somewhere that if fo whatever reason we all ended up with the same amount of money, within half an hour, there would be insanely rich people and people with nothing. Not sure what that's based on, but somehow I can easily see it happening.

Stick to Lego Batman. Nothing can go too wrong in the Lego world. Lost an arm? Just stick another one on!