Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why some things are difficult to talk about

I've mentioned before what I originally wanted with this blog - just a place I could get that shit out that I can't talk about elsewhere.

Well, one part of that was completely scuppered in the very early days of its life. You see, my lady friend found my blog (while searching through my browsing history - which she likes to do). Instantly, a whole part of my life was off-limits. It shouldn't be. It goes against the very point of this blog. But it is.

It's like being related to a comedian. If I had a brother who was a comedian, I'd no doubt have to put up with being the brunt of his jokes, being called an idiot, having every childhood embarrassment brought up on stage, the time I got stuck in that pipe, time I climbed the tree and couldn't get down and had to be rescued by a neighbour, some incident where I'm sure I wet my pants at some point. But it would be funny, which would at least soften the blow.

Or if my brother was a psychologist, no doubt I'd end up being discussed in a paper entitled My Idiot Brother, A Study On Sexual Repression. Or if he was a pro-wrestler, I'd end up being his practice dummy for his half nelsons. Or even his full nelsons.

That's just the way it works when you bring family into it.

But I'm not a comedian and I'm not funny, so there's nothing to soften the blow. I'm just tired, bitter and generally pissed-off. So, if I were to rant about my idiot brother (I don't have a brother, by the way), it would just be hurtful to read. It's not like I'd be balancing it out with the good times, the time he beat up a bully for me, or slashed the tires of some girl who dumped me.

Balance has no place on this blog.

So the question was asked about why family life wasn't brought up here, specifically the imminent birth of our child, and here is the answer -

Because you read my blog!

Rest assured, if you ever lose the ability to read, it will be open season here on My Medicated Cartoon Life.

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james said...

I can't believe she did that. My wife doesn't read my blog, and she writes half the posts.