Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oh, silly Andy!

You can't drink that, Andy! Silly boy.

It's the weekend again? Jeez, I'll be dead soon at this rate. Right this second, I'm listening to Hybrid's 'Hybrid Soundsystem 01' mix. It's rather good. Very moody.

Anyone else find it weird that sound requires time to have meaning and image doesn't? I mean, a single snapshot from one moment in time can say so much and tell you all you need to know about that moment. A sound, well, a tiny snapshot of a sound is nothing. It's meaningless unless it continues across time. Music requires time to exist. Whereas a picture can exist as a single frame or across time.

I'm willing to bet that a large percentage of people who stumble across this post and got here through the drawing end, and draw themselves, also make music. Am I right? In some shape or form? Play the guitar? Compose tunes on Fruitloops or play with the (totally fantastic) MicroKorg? Creative people rarely seem to limit themselves to one creative outlet. Anyone got a Kaossilator? Man, those things are fun.

Yeah, it's a rambling Saturday morning here on Planet Doom.

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Anonymous said...

Fuck, you got me - yeah, I'm one of those "creative types" that does both... no formal training in either yet not too shabby either.

Oh, I also do some "writing".