Saturday, October 18, 2008

The weekend rambling

What, the same post? Nah, I just had coloured it after I posted it the other day, meant to replace it in the post and then lost track of the day so didn't do it. Here it is now though. Late. And pretty pointless.

Any games players here? Well, I know we have at least one and that one in particular (Mr.Trombley) will be interested in this piece of news. So, you know Earthbound, right? It was a SNES RPG about aliens and was just about one of the most charming games ever made. Well, Earthbound fans outside of Japan got kind of shafted. The original game, Mother, (Eartbound was Mother 2) was never released in English. Then, years later, they made another game in the series, Mother 3, for the GBA. No English release either.

Well, after a long wait, some frustrated yet talented and hardworking fans have done a complete fan translation. The whole game, now in English. That's nice of them, eh?

I finished reading Joe Murray's 'Crafting a Cartoon' ebook. He's the man behind Rocko's Modern Life and Camp Lazlo. If anyone is curious about what it takes to get a cartoon made, that's the book to read. Well, in the US anyway. It actually works quite differently for the most part over here in terms of selling it and financing. The book is a good read with a great attitude behind it. It's positive, not bitter (I find that refreshing) and yet also entirely based in reality. Who would have thought the realities of animation these days could be viewed without bitterness? Really? Certainly an eye-opener for me.

So the plug has been pulled on the Masters Of The Universe movie that was due to be made. Good thing? Bad thing?

Yeah, rambling... always the same at the weekend. I think my brain goes into shutdown. Or something. Still in a Star Trek mood so I'll leave you with the clip below and the brag that I once met Mr.Sulu.


Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir,

I have to say I am very impressed that a fan translation was made. The Earthbound games are notoriously loosely programmed. Now that you've mentioned it, I feel obligated to download it as soon as my work load eases.

It's too bad that Earthbound was only a cult hit; it's such a nice little game. Lot's of clever little things.

In other video game news, the great Tim Schafer (Monkey Island, Grim Fandango) is releasing a new game-Bruetal Legend:

You know that the old story goes that after Bill Theiss finished a woman's costume, Gene Roddenbury would go to work on the costume with a pair of scissors. The result?

Mark said...


Just wondering what those lumps on your characters head are.

Bitter Animator said...

Roddenbery was truly a great man. Kudos to him and his scissors.

Borris, that's a good question. In my early doodles here, it was originally hair but the more I drew it and added lines and scribbles, the more it became what now appear to be three large tumours. They are quite unsettling to look at. I really should pull them back more towards hair.