Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What the hell?

Animation brings the loons.

It really does. What is it about animation that attracts the absolute nut jobs? Find anyone who has been in the business for any length of time and you'll find they'll either have loads of stories of people melting down and going crazy, or they're the subject of some of those stories themselves.

I guess a lot of us have 'creative' personalities. Creative as in volatile. Emotional. Temperamental.

And we're geeks in a way but, let's face it, animation or art college is not a hangout for the intellectual. So we're nerds without the smarts to back it up. To add substance.

Putting that together with a career path that has you sitting at a desk all day, immersed in the actions of a cartoon character, making films one frame at a time (the height of insanity) with nobody to interact with but those like you and, well, is it any wonder that so many of us are totally and utterly bonkers?


Toole said...

I am actually pretty freaking nuts.

Anne-arky said...

I just told someone the other day that animation is just a huge group of people with no social skills who happen to be able to draw well.

Then I hit my head on my desk and laughed manically at nothing for a while.

Anonymous said...

...all things considered, he is right, ya know.

And I agree with Anne-Arky: it's true. So, horrifyingly, gut wrenchingly true. Especially the last part about maniacally laughing about nothing as people gape at your bleeding, guinea head.

kyle balluff said...

i wish i found your blog earlier. this shit is hilarious... your whole blog is great, keep it up!