Friday, October 10, 2008

Some day, they'll find out

But, while I fool myself into thinking I can, I put some development time away each week for my own work. Each and every week, a little bit of time to progress my work, which will eventually further my career.

That time, that me time, has seemingly become a running joke with my family.

Because, each and every week, at my unchanging scheduled development time, I get roped into doing everything that isn't my work. Everything that doesn't progress anything. That won't ever further my career.

Every god damn time.

It's a joke. It has to be.

But the result will be that the day I'm hauled out of the studio by the Animation Police, I'm shafted. Completely shafted. With pox all to show for that development time.


Humphrey Erm said...

Seems you have it pretty tough Bitter. Its too bad when you don't have time for yourself to work on your own projects for the sake of your career...

Have you thought about getting a partner who has more time to get the heavy labor done? So the little time you have goes to designing and writing whatever it is you want to create and then have someone else animate and draw it? Just a thought.

Best of luck Bit.

Bitter Animator said...

Oh, I don't really have it tough compared to a lot of people to be honest. I'm just a moany bastard who has taken on far too much and I get frustrated easily.

On creative partnerships, while it would probably be unfair to expect someone to work on my projects without paying them, I've always liked the idea of pairing up with someone. I've just never found the right person locally so I go it alone.

Andy Latham said...

Well at least the thought is there with the "me time"! I guess not getting to do your own thing because of other people is bettern than not doing it becasue you're too lazy!

As for partnerships, I think it must be really hard for any animator to find someone who is both talented and with a likeable personality within their local area. I think it'd be great to work on something with someone else, but where is that someone else!!