Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This year, I have dressed up as an angry old animator-beast. Rargh! Fear me! And so on.

Have there ever been any horror movies about psycho old animators? I think there should be. Maybe a variation on that one with the hand that came from a serial killer - animator loses his hand, gets transplant and the hand then draws the deaths of people. Before long, those drawings turn to reality as one-by-one, people die. Under anvils. Or pianos.

Death By Doodle

When cartoonist Manny Pantera lampooned his subjects, people would die laughing. Until the day the laughter stopped.

Screaming Sketch

He'll sketch... until you scream!

2B Terror

Pray you're not 2 B next.

Scrawl From Beyond The Grave

Reknowned cartoonist Lance Doomsmith wants to shake your hand. With his hand. What was once on a serial killer. Who killed people.

So which would you go to see?

Hope you all have a happy halloween! Anyone see Saw V yet? The missus won't let me bring the kids so I haven't seen it yet (so no spoilers!).


Humphrey Erm said...

Happy Halloween Bitter :)

I'd see 2B Terror, since the catchline is just pure genius XD

"Pray that you're not 2B next."

Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir,

There's The RE-Animator. Which, I assume, is about the people who have to go over already made films and shorts to digitally alter things.

Incidentally, Death By Doodle sounds like a Behind The Music promo.