Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's like that R.E.M. song

Things are going to be a little slow here for the next week. I'm just getting adjusted to the new change in my life and, well, it's all a little nuts. Even posting this is tricky because number 1 is sitting on my lap insisting on hammering on the keyboard while number 2 sleeps. So I'll be lucky if the rest of the post doesn't turn out like this - bniakdnnnxnbhshsmxmxmmsmamjka.

Actually that looks rather similar to my file naming system at work. All it needs to complete it is a "FINAL1a" at the end. And then "FINAL1b". And so on until "FINAL17Xa4" or something.

There were a few more comments on my "bleak future of animation" posts that I thought were good discussion points but I'll get to those another time I guess.

Halloween is in a few days time. This year, I'm going to be dressing up as a haggard and frazzled old father. What are you dressing up as?


Anonymous said...

'Crush With Eyeliner' right?

Or perhaps 'Orange Crush'...

Something 'Crush'... I don't know, I hate R.E.M.

Anne-arky said...

*sings loudly* That's me in the corner...that's me in the SPOT LIGHT LOSING MY RELIGION!!!

..er...sorry, too early in the morning for loud singing?

Congrats on the new baby!

Betül said...

Loved the work, the expression of "I am totaly lost", very good description of me lately too..

I will be Ugly Betty, if you are familiar with that soap opera character. I didn't want to spend too much money and that's what my mom used to call me, therefore it's my natural costume :)

Red Pill Junkie said...

I will go out as a Mexican angry teacher/protester/rioter. All I need is a machete and a molotov bomb ;-)