Thursday, July 3, 2008

Even yet much bigger more adventures in advertising turbo

Back to the real world again. I didn't really travel back in time to rid the world of the insanity that is animation (one frame at a time!). Or perhaps I did and future Disney followed me back to destroy my time machine but I wouldn't know that because he changed history.

But, yeah, back to this world, if you can call it real, and one more litttle rant on advertising.

I don't know really why anyone bothers making ads. Clients would be happy with 30 seconds of their logo up on screen and nothing more. But ad "creatives" see themselves as mini-filmmakers, not the hack salesmen that they are, and so usually talk the clients into ads they don't really want.

But then it comes time to add that logo. Larger and larger it goes until your work is squeezed into a tiny window in the corner.

But, hey, who the hell cares? It's an ad. Not a piece of art or work to be admired. It's job is to bug someone into buying crap they don't need. So what difference does it make?

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