Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just tell it like it is

This didn't happen. Nah, honesty and professional life don't really mix. Honesty is considered the height of unprofessionalism actually. But this is what we were both thinking, I'm pretty sure of that.

I can't be bothered making up excuses to go home, you know, on time.

Does this mean I don't care about the project? Not entirely. But work is work. That's all it is. It's just work. It's not life. It can be for some people but I'm not one of those people. If this project was my own creation, from my own creative drive, it would be different. Though, even then, I'd expect that it would be run well enough so that everyone can go home on time. It's basic scheduling and budgeting. If people need to work late, you haven't enough crew. It's that simple.


Toole said...

I wish I had a salaried art job.

Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir, In regards to your response to the last post:

I suppose if you are using TCruise missiles then you may be "blown clear", but this doesn't explain the lack of proper protection on your BRB. You need a molly gaurd on such an important

Incidentally, on reviewing my "books" I happened to be forced into recollection that BRS (or Big Red Switch) is the standard.

Now you know as well as anybody the dangers of poor engineering. Now consider this: if your device is moderately successful and still has these flaws, will the engineers who manage the next development cycle keep the flaws in? How long will it be until the flaws are finally fixed? Do you want to be responsible for Bomb Remote Vista? I rest my case.

Bitter Animator said...

I guess I kind of figured it was a one-use product. Disposable even. So, admittedly, I didn't put too much thought into the design. Think of it as a prototype.

me said...

This blog is the reason I joined blogger. I've been losing sleep over my stupid job. Stupid job.

Bitter Animator said...

What is your stupid job?

me said...

I fix computers for an ad agency. We have to get everyone on the new OS before the upgrade to the Document Management system hits. I took this job because it was low stress. I'm a manager now and it's just the opposite. I drink a lot more now than I usta too.

Bitter Animator said...

Computers and stress seem to go hand in hand. Is there a computer on this planet that doesn't have some sort of problem?

As I write this, I'm getting a message on my laptop that there is a hard drive problem and I should back everything up and I can't help feeling that it's something to do with the Windows updates it has been trying to install for the last three day.

I can't possibly imagine what it must be like managing a team whose job it is to make computers work.

me said...

I actually really like computers, but this job is so much more than just computers. It's inventory, managing people, advancing new technology. It's just too much for what they pay me. But when my manager quit, it was either become manager or get some new idiot in the mix. At the time I thought I wanted to do this job.