Friday, July 25, 2008

The hard part

I have so many projects I want to progress. I'm not saying they're all good. Actually, I'm not saying any of them are good. In fact they're likely all complete cack. But I have a lot of them.

The problems are, firstly, progressing them to a stage where I'm happy with them. While the ultimate goal is to see a show sold or made, or a book published or whatever, what I consider to be 'finished' is to have a damn good proposal with every element representing the project as best it can. Actually getting the time, keeping up the motivation and just getting it right make this a very daunting process. And it's so easy to wander on to the next idea.

The next set of problems come if that stage is ever reached - how to sell it. That's a whole different set of challenges and one I've been through many times.

But that first proposal stage is a tough place to get to. So many ideas. So many stories. So many characters. Too many. Far too many. It makes it very difficult to focus. My mind is shooting off in so many different directions. I just can't finish anything.

I guess that's one major reason all those rejections a while back really stung. I had managed to get a project to that proposal stage. It took a serious amount of hard work. Like, it totally made my brain tired. But I did it and was very happy with the result. And all I ended up with was a pile of stock rejections, a lot of wasted months, wasted paper. Just wasted.

And, since those rejections, it has been all the harder to get the motivation to bring the next project on.

Thing is, I've been here before. I pushed several shows early in my career. Made many mistakes. Faced many rejections. But eventually, I had a success. That's great, right? Well, yeah, okay maybe. But it seems to mean little in terms of selling something else.

Anyway, enough of that. I just want to progress some new projects. Finish them. Get proposals. Have someone like them. And make some shows. Or publish some books. Or manufacture a time machine. Any one of those will do.

But focus is a real problem.


Andy Latham said...

I have a similar, yet different problem in that I have a million things I want to practice and get better at. The three main ones are drawing well, animating well and painting well. I start concentrating my efforts on one subject but I can hear the other subjects screaming "do me, DO ME!!".

So of course I end up doing none of them. At least that way I'm equally crap at all of them, bringing a strange lethargy-driven balance to my life.

God I hate myself for that.

me said...

I liked, "Matlock for kids." I had Encyclopedia Brown books, and the tv show "Clue Club" as a kid, but I think this generation of kids really needs an animated problem solving mystery show.

Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir, This is why I never became a filmmaker. Inspiration came in spurts. Mathematics is my trade.

Is that Miserable Androgynous Little Shit Man on the wall? Now all I can think of is an Osamu Tezuka-esque time travel crossover with Astro Andy.

Bitter Animator said...

Yes, that's MALSMan on the wall. Perhaps I'll doodle something on that crossover and post it up. I fear poor Astro Andy wouldn't quite know how to handle him though.

So when you say mathematics is your trade, what does that mean? Are you an academic? Or have a maths store? Or work in a top secret research lab trying to make a time machine?

Jeaux Janovsky said...

i know how you feel all too well Bit. All too well..
we must continue to persevere.
one day things will look up for us.
keep on pushing and keeping on.