Friday, July 4, 2008

So much spam

'Treatment for tiny dingdongs'. That was the title of the mail. It stood out amongst all the V!agra ones. Dingdongs... I like how that sounds. It amuses me.

But, day after day, I get mails criticising the size of my penis. That's not going to help anyones self-esteem. This is part of why I hate advertising. Ads are designed to make you feel inadequate without whatever crap it is they are selling. They are designed to make you feel shit about yourself.

Cults use that tactic to get people hooked too. They tell you that you have problems, that's why your life isn't absolutely fantastic every minute of every day and that they have the solution to that problem. For money. And then they start pricking about with your brain to get more money. Pretty much the same as advertising.


Andy Latham said...

You hit the nail on the head here, and you have a new fellow-hater of advertising. Actually I already hate most adverts but this comparison really shows them for what they are - evil.

Unknown said...

I love the emails I get with the heading "Update Your Penis". I holding off for version 2.0.

Josh Rodgers said...

I've been getting "enlarge your breast size" e-mails. I'm a guy.