Monday, July 28, 2008


Because the bush might have nice berries. Juicy ones. Or it might poisonous ones. And it could be prickly. But it doesn't matter either way, because you're just standing there. By a bush.

Okay, I have no idea what that meant either. I just drew me standing by a bush for some reason. Thought I might get some inspiration as I went on. Truth is, it's just very early on a Monday morning and I'm sleepy. My brain hasn't quite woken up yet.

Start of yet another week. I'm feeling a little lost at the moment. And the bin by my desk is full. What does it take to get a bin emptied around here?

An Amendment to this post:

I figured that perhaps the image would have more meaning if I added one more element. Still not sure what the meaning is though.


Anonymous said...

Question: what happens to the contents of your bin when they do get emptied?

I would think there'd be some form of secure disposal to prevent "outsiders" stealing your work.

There was a time when I was somewhat motivated to draw and/or write and there wasn't a piece of paper from A4 to Post-It that I tore into less than 50 pieces before I disposed of it.

Because I'd hate for something I considered absolute shit to become the next Drawn Together, a show that is still absolute shit that is loved by morons.

Bitter Animator said...

You know, I've honestly never thought about where my rubbish goes. I guess I thought nobody would ever care enough to look through it.

Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir, I just thought you might find this interesting:

Bitter Animator said...

Thanks for that. A very interesting interview.