Saturday, July 5, 2008

Seven songs I like

Andy requested I list seven songs I like at the moment and I loved that he got youtube videos for them all. So here are just seven songs that spring to mind -

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork. One of my favourite songs of the last couple of years. I adore this track.

The Smiths - Asleep. This one is miserable but it's one of my all-time favourite tracks. Not sure what that says about me. "There is a better world. There must be."

65DaysOfStatic - Radio Protector. There's something very cinematic about this and I love the way the tracks build. Actually just about all their tracks build this way but it works and I like it.

Natasha Farrow - Calling To The Night. This one is the main theme from Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, which I thought was a bit rubbish but the music was great. This has visuals from Twin Snakes, the Gamecube version of MGS.

Army Of The Pharaohs - All Shall Perish. To get away from the girly rubbish of the last track, here's some hip-hop for y'all motherfuckers. No video but a stunning track.

Ozzy Osbourne - Shot In The Dark. Classic Ozzy. This is one of his best.

Mouthmaster Murf and Dj Mayhem - Predator Rap. Fuzzy and Blue from Sesame Street was going to be my final choice but the one on YouTube refuses to be embedded so it gets the boot in favour of this absolutely amazing Predator rap. If you haven't seen this, it will blow you away.

So that's my seven. What do you reckon, Andy? Good choices?

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Andy Latham said...

Kiiillll Meeee...Do it NOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!

Ahhh classic Arnie there. That rap is great. Very funny. There's so much good stuff on YouTube about Arnie. I'll have to send you the links to the best if you're interested.

Good and interesting choices here. Some are the type I predicted and some are not. All good though!