Monday, July 14, 2008

A weekend of woe

It wasn't a good weekend for computers. My laptop is giving me drive failure messages and is generally being a pain in the ass. My other computer is telling me that the system drive battery voltage is low, whatever that means. And my iPod is just being a dick at the moment. The new iTunes update seems to have broken the fabric of reality.

Computers have a way of just eating time and giving nothing back. And I don't believe there is one computer on the face of the earth that doesn't have some sort of problem. There's no such thing as a fully working computer. Everyone is using some kind of workaround or ignoring the random error boxes.

So, yeah, my laptop is dying. But there are no restore discs. You see, you were supposed to make your own restore discs when you get the computer but here's the thing - it tells you that in the Recovery Manual, the booklet you reach for when it's too late. There's some guy laughing his ass off at that decision. He's pulling the piss out of everyone who buys his computers.

He's a bad, bad man.


Anonymous said...

I had a motherboard fuck up a few days ago, this was fixed today by a Dell tech who in turn has broken my wireless card. One good turn and all that...

I swapped over from iTunes to Rockbox for my iPod, and I use a nice little app called SharePod for my via computer listening and music database work. Those iTunes updates are certainly more trouble than they are worth and the unnecessary amount of hardware updates for iPod can't be too good for it.

Toole said...

Every time I start my windows computer I get an error message from a program that didn't install all the way, so I can't uninstall it.